Half Marathon Training Week 3

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Week commencing 03/07/2017

Monday and Thursday are gym days


Steady run for 40 minutes the weather was idea over cast with a very light breeze.

I met up with a friend and we ran along the Pennine Trail, for the most part it was very quiet the only noisy part was when we crossed the motorway, we could hear all the commuters racing off to work, the joys of being retired.

I am getting better at setting off at a slower pace, when I started running the first mile was always the fastest I found it harder towards the end, today I set off steady and picked it up for the last 2 miles.

Total time 40.46 total distance 3.8 miles
Split times
1st 11.20
2nd 10.37
3rd 10.09


A 40 minute speed run with sprint intervals of variable length.

For the first half mile I ran at a faster than normal pace, then started inserting sprints into my run I did 6 of these altogether only 1 of these was done for a full minute and that was on the flat.

I know it was a minute because I had the timer on my phone set to 1 minute intervals t cover the whole run.

I started feeling it in my legs after 2 and a half miles but I manage to keep going and when my timer let me know my time was up I managed to put in another sprint to complete 4 miles.

Total time 41.54 minutes total distance 4 miles
Split times
1st 10.17
2nd 10.04
3rd 10.17
4th 10.43

If I keep this up the 10 minute mile will be my normal pace.


Tempo run the description for this in the plan is to run at 11.31 mins/mile for 8, 6 and 4 minute intervals with a 2 minute recovery in between.

The 11.31 pace was no problem and I should have managed to keep to that pace, but I set off too fast on the first interval and could not maintain this pace in the last 2 intervals.

Total time 26.56 total distance 2.5 miles
Split times
1st 9.07
2nd 10.47

I need to find a way to pace myself.


Parkrun I am glad we had the breeze today it felt quite cold when stood but it was very welcome once we started running.

The fist lap went well but after the second lap my legs started feeling heavy and I thought I was going to struggle up the hills on the third lap.

I managed to keep it going and put in a fast sprint to the finish.

A new personal bet today it new stands at 32.24.

My split times
1st 10.12
2nd 10.35
3rd 10.31

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Half Marathon Training Week 2

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Week Commencing 26/06/17

Mondays and Thursday’s are resistance training days.


Steady run day, it was raining a bit when I set off and I am glad to say it did not last long.

I felt good on the run and felt as if I could have ran a bit harder but that is not what these steady sessions are about, I can save it for the speed runs later this week.

Total time 37.24 total distance 3.3 miles
Split times
1st 11.37
2nd 10.37
3rd 10.55


Hill runs 4 in total, a 3 minute uphill run with a jog back down to recover.

I could not avoid the rain today, I can’t really complain I started running in February and today is the first time I got soaked.

The runs went well, I was glad when I had completed the last one though I don’t think I could have managed another one.

Total time 24.51 distance 2.2 miles
Split times
1st 10.16
2nd 11.04


Speed training, a 20 minute run with short intervals at a faster pace.

I am always afraid of going off too fast and not being able to complete the run, by this I mean not having to walk or is it OK to walk, I don’t know if there is an experienced runner reading that can shed some light on this.

Total time 21.37 total distance 2.1 miles
Split times
1st 9.16
2nd 9.47


I was unable to run in the parkrun yesterday so I did a 30 minute run today before attending the junior parkrun as a marshal.

I tried to increase the pace and I am please with the times I put in for each mile.

While running I felt as if something was not quite right, when I got home I found that I had put on my trainers and not my running shoes.

Total time 35.35 total distance 3.3 miles
Split times
1st 10.22
2nd 10.20
3rd 9.50

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Half Marathon Training Week 1

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Monday 19/06/17

This morning I created a new plan to get me ready for the Scottish half marathon.

I plan to include resistance training this will mean 2 days in the gym and 4 days running, I have decided my gym days will be on Monday and Thursday and running Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday Parkrun.

Monday’s workouts will be on Chest, Shoulders, Triceps, Calves and Abs. Thursday will be Back, Quads, Biceps, Hamstrings and Abs.


A 36 minute steady run, this was broken down into 10 minutes running and 2 minutes walking, I actually ran on longer because I did not hear the timer on my phone.

Total time 39.44 distance 3.4 miles
Split times
1st 11.14
2nd 11.24
3rd 11.03

I tried a different route today it took me off road for a short period of time, it was enjoyable running through the trees and bushes, but I had to take care as the surface was very uneven the track had been used by motorbikes and people on horseback.

I can’t believe how much my arm and chest muscles a aching from yesterdays visit to the gym.


Hill runs, my task for today was to run uphill for 3 minutes and do this 4 times.

I did this at Locke Park the first route I picked was a little bit short of 3 minutes and so was the second route.

My third route was bang on 3 minutes and it included the steepest part of the Parkrun route, as you can imagine the last time was the hardest, I will be doing this again next week so now I know the 3 minutes route.

Total time 22.48 distance 2 miles
Split times
1st 11.05
2nd 11.28


Gym day I felt as if I had over done it this morning but felt much better after eating breakfast.

I am just hoping that the work I have done today on my legs will not affect my running tomorrow and Saturday, otherwise I might have to rethink my resistance training.


Today’s run was speed training for 20 minutes.

The plan was to run at a fast pace and increase the speed for short intervals, I started with 1 minutes intervals and then did a couple of 2 minute intervals and back to 1 minute.

The last interval was uphill and it really took it out of my legs so I ran the last 4 minutes at a steady pace.

Total time 21.48 distance 2 miles.
Split times
1st 9.47
2nd 11.28

My legs felt fine after the run but as the day has gone on they have got stiffer and stiffer.


I am a bit annoyed with myself today, I messed up when going into edit today’s run and deleted it in error so I don’t have my split times for today.

It was the Parkrun so the distance will be 3.1 miles.
My time was 33.35 this is the official Parkrun time.

I am pleased with this time, the way my legs felt this morning I did not think I would be able to run all the 3 laps, but I did and managed to increase the pace on the flat at the top of the last hill.

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Running In The Beginning

Back in February when I did my first Parkrun I thought I had bitten off more than I can chew, now with 2 races under my belt a 10k and 10 mile I am enjoying running so much so that I have missed not getting out during the recovery period from the 10 mile race.

I have registered to run in the Scottish half marathon in September and I am also trying to secure a charity place in the London marathon next year, when I will be attempting the full marathon.

As a child I spent a couple of years in hospital firstly Edinburgh children’s hospital and then a children’s convalescence’s home.

Edinburgh children’s hospital is one of the charities supported in the Scottish half marathon and I am trying to raise money for them.

My training for the race starts on the 19th and the race takes place on the 24th of September so I have a bit more time to prepare for this race, they asked for a predicted race time and I have put 2hr 15min we shall see.

I was 10 minutes out on my predicted time for the 10 mile race but I have more than 4 weeks to train for this one.

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10K Race Training Week 8

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The final week of the training for the 10K race, it will be a race for some people more log a jog for me.

Set off for a 4 mile run this morning, I felt alright for the first 2 miles then my right leg started to hurt not just my calf muscle but my hip as well. I did just over 3 miles I wanted to carry on but thought better of it and headed home walking the rest of the way.

I hope things go better next Sunday.

My Times for each mile
1st 11.38
2nd 12.08
3rd 12.03

Resistance training

Just a short 2 mile run, I felt good on the run no issues with my calf or hip and I took on a couple of hills, at the end of the run I felt really good within myself. The times for each mile was very close another thing I was pleased about.

My Time for each mile
1st 11.04
2nd 11.03

Fri day
Steady cardio, I did 5 minutes on the rower then 10 minutes on the cross-trainer then 10 minutes on a bike and finished off with a 1K run on the treadmill.

I had planned on doing a short run today just to loosen up but as I will probably be walking the race route in Blackpool later today I will use this to loosen up instead.

Race Day.

The weather was just right there was a light breeze and the sun was shining, the breeze was a little bit cool which was great for running against, the run back to the finish line was with the breeze and it was so light you could not feel it, by the time I got to the finish I felt as if my forehead was burnt.

The race itself went well on the out run my legs felt heavy at one point I thought of walking but I persisted and planned on increasing my pace once I past the 4 mile mark. My incentive at that point was to catch up with a group of people I had been running with who had got away from me.

I increased my pace and intended only to catch up with the group but I finished up passing a few of them which was a great feeling. We were running on the bottom level and to get to the finish on the middle level we had to climb a steep ramp, as soon as I saw the finish line I started feeling a bit emotional.

I don’t know if it was the relief that I had actually done it or if it was pride.

Race Results
Runners 553
Position 380
Time 1:11:44

My Time for each mile
1st 10.46
2nd 12.03
3rd 11.45
4th 12.06
5th 11.21
6th 11.06

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