10 Mile Race Training Week 4


A 70 minute run this morning, the weather was ideal for it.

The first part of the run was downhill all the way, I then ran along the disused rail track. I ran this route before and did not realise that it was up hill for the outward part of the run.

I good running along the track as there is no traffic but getting round the wet patches means getting very close to the nettles at the edge, I am sure as the summers goes on it will be difficult to miss them.

On the way back I chose to take on the steep hill, by the time I got to the top I was practically at a standstill, if I went any slower I would have been running backwards, my breathing was very close to a ten if anyone had tried to talk to me I would only have been able to grunt.

As you can see from my split times the hill really took its toll, never the less I am pleased with the run.

My legs felt a bit heavy during the run this seems to be normal after a rest day, I will see if my legs feel any better tomorrow.

Total time 69.53 distance 6.2 miles
Split Times
1st 10.19
2nd 10.33
3rd 11.11
4th 10.42
5th 12.20
6th 12.15


A short 20 minute run done at a steady pace, I carried on after the 20 to get 2 miles in.

My legs felt better today no problems, it was a nice sunny day with a gentle breeze that made it good for running in.

Had a gentler hill to run up today it was close to the start of the run and my legs were still fresh, I finished my run in the recreation ground to keep out of the traffic.

Total time 22.01 distance 2 miles
Split Times
1st 10.52
2nd 10.52


Today was supposed to be Strength and Conditioning. When looking at the programme I had 3 days of hard running one after the other so I swapped them around.

So today’s run should have been 30 minutes running at race fast pace for 12.5 minutes then 2.5 minutes at reduced speed and repeating this.

I may have set off too fast on the first 12.5, I could not keep it up the pace for the second 12.5 and had to walk for awhile.

This I am not happy about, I might have been better walking for the 2.5 stint instead of jogging who knows.

Total time 31.56 distance 2.9 miles
Split times
1st 10.10
2nd 10.35

I have looked at my split times for the last Parkrun and I had actually ran faster than today so why did I struggle, I had a better night’s sleep but I did not have as much to eat could this be what I missed today.


Strength and Conditioning a new set of exercises this week, I knew most of them but under different names.

You look at them and think these are not hard but they did get my heart rate up and a good sweat going.


Tempo run for thirty minutes split into 15 minutes at a fast past followed by 5 minutes at a reduced pace.

Today’s run went better than Wednesday’s I have been thinking of reason why, I had a better night’s sleep so it could be that, I had the same to eat before the run so it couldn’t be that, it could be that I had a break in between runs.

Monday I had a long run on Tuesday I had a shorter run and both were done at moderate pace but I still had 3 day’s running one after the other.

Things did go better today but by the end of the second 15 minute stint I was running slower and slower and was glad when it came to the last 5 minute recovery.

Total time 41.38 distance 3.8 miles
Split times
1st 10.27
2nd 10.27
3rd 10.05

I wrote the above before I looked at the split times and I am very surprised by what I have managed to do.


I am up early to have a bit of breakfast before going on the Parkrun, I have had toast and honey plus a banana.

They say you should run your own race, today I tried to keep up with someone I know and paid the penalty as you can see from the split times.

Parkrun 3.1 miles unofficial time 33.57
Split times
1st 9.39
2nd 11.29
3rd 12.26

As you can see a nice time on the first mile, maybe I am not read for this yet.

Parkrun result 221 out of 241 official time 34.53

10 Mile Race Training Week 2


The week starts with a 45 minute run, my instructions for today’s run were 14 minutes running a steady pace and walking for 1 minute.

My legs where a bit heavy for the first mile but eased off as I got into my stride. The strong cold wind took some of the fun out of today’s run, the total distance covered was 3.7 miles.

My split times: –
1st 11.6
2nd 12.35
3rd 12.26


Today’s run was a tempo run, it was slightly different from tempo runs I had done before, my instructions were to run at a moderate pace for 10 minutes and recover at a jog for 3 minutes and repeat this giving me a running time of 26 minutes.

I enjoyed running at the faster pace and noticed that my legs did not feel as heavy as they do when I am running at endurance pace, I would like to be able to run at that pace all the time.

The weather was better for running today, I have been really lucky with the weather since started running, there has not been a day when I have looked out and thought I am not running in that.

Total distance ran today 2.4 miles.

My split times: –
1st 10.07
2nd 10.50


No running today instead it was a 20 minute strength and conditioning, I had never heard of most of these exercises and when watching them on the video, I did not think they would be of any use but they got my heart rate up and a bit of a sweat going.

Here is a list of the exercises how many are you aware of, Caterpillar Walk, Cat Stretches, Scorpion, Prone Knee To Elbow, Squat, A-walk with hands above head, Monster Walk, Aleknas, Skip for 1 minute (without a rope) Squat Jumps and Skip again.


This has been the hardest session I have done so far, the task today was to run uphill for five minutes and repeat 3 times, as you can see from my split times I really attacked it the first time, by the time I got to the turnaround point I was breathing heavier than at any time during my training.

On the second attempt I kept my breathing at a manageable level, my pace on the third attempt felt good. I think I should have ran the other two at this pace but the instructions where to run uphill hard 3 times.

My split times: –
1st 9.44
2nd 11.59
3rd 11.39


Steady cardio day just a 20 minute bike ride at the gym plus abs and core exercises.


Parkrun, I had a good run today the first time up the hills I got behind a group they were running slowly and I was tempted to go past them, I decided to stay where I was and let them pace me up the hills and see if I managed the hills better on the third lap.

It worked because I still felt like I had a lot left and was able to pick up the pace on the run into the finish, unlike last week where I could hardly breath when I reached the top and it took me quite a long time to get my breath back but I still managed a sprint to the finish.

My split times: –
1st 10:37
2nd 11.07
3rd 10.55

Parkrun result new PB 33.48 came in 183 out 214 runners.

10 Mile Race Training Week 1


Today was more about time on my feet rather than distance. The total time for today was 60 minutes consisting of 10 minutes warm up then 40 minutes running and a 10 minute cool down.

During the run I was to run at a steady pace for 5 minutes and increase my speed for 20 seconds, the first mile of my run was all downhill so the sprints were easy, the second was mostly uphill I still found the sprints easy, about half a mile of the last mile was uphill although by this time my pace was greatly reduced I still found the sprints easy.

I finished the run in the local recreation ground, I will be doing tomorrows speed training in there and wanted to test it out.

I started with the cold over the weekend but felt well enough to run this morning, I was hoping to sweat it out, it did not affect my running but when cooling down I did not sound to good and I think it got my wife a little bit worried.

My split times: –
1st 10.28
2nd 12.04
3rd 12.07

You can tell when I was running downhill and uphill.


Today was speed training, I have done this on a treadmill for 20 minutes and found it quite easy, I thought today was going to be a 20 minute session but got a surprised last night when I saw it was a 40 minute session.

After the first 10 minutes I did not think I was going to be able to keep it up, I started out on the road but decided to go into the recreation ground as it is flat, I managed to keep it up but the recovery cycles were getting slower.

What I have been doing today was interval runs 2 minutes jog and 2 minutes running at a high pace.

My split times: –
1st 10.14
2nd 11.02
3rd 11.34


This is going to be short, today was strength training and it is done at home. I did not think the exercises were going to have much of an affect but I felt it in my legs afterwards, all in all it was a good work out.

A tempo run today, I got my breathing up to an 8 fairly quickly and maintained it for the duration of the run, I did start to flag a bit towards the end of the end, this was a 30 minute session 10 minute warm-up and cooldown with a 20 minute run in between.

My split times: –
1st 10.29
2nd 11.08


Was steady cardio I did 20 minutes on a bike then did press-ups and AB’s exercises.


Parkrun, I did not get the app up and running in time for the start and I think that had an effect on my time, I still feel I had a good run though. The third lap has always my worst I did the best I have done on the hills this time round.

My split times: –
1st 10.44
2nd 11.03
3rd 11.25

10K Race to a 10 Mile Race Can I do it

That’s the 10K completed and very proud of myself for doing it in 71:44, not the fastest 64 year old but not too shabby to say I have only been running out doors since the beginning of February.

Prior to that I had been running on a treadmill for 3 months, as anyone will tell you running on a treadmill and running outside are totally different.

Since the 10K I have had 2 runs this week that was a short tempo run and the Saturday Barnsley Parkrun, I am please with my performance in the parkrun, I managed to get up the hills on the third lap without coming to a virtual standstill and I managed to put in a sprint.

I felt great after today’s run and I felt like I had put in a good time

The results for the parkrun and my times by the mile are: –

A new PB of 34 minutes and 124th out of 250
1st 10.44
2nd 10.44
3rd 11.14

Monday sees the start of the new training program for my next challenge, which is a 10 mile race taking place in Richmond Park London. It is on the 4th of June which is 5 weeks away. I have opted to increase the intensity of the training as another challenge.

We will have to see how it goes as I don’t want to burn myself out.

10K Race Training Week 8

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The final week of the training for the 10K race, it will be a race for some people more log a jog for me.

Set off for a 4 mile run this morning, I felt alright for the first 2 miles then my right leg started to hurt not just my calf muscle but my hip as well. I did just over 3 miles I wanted to carry on but thought better of it and headed home walking the rest of the way.

I hope things go better next Sunday.

My Times for each mile
1st 11.38
2nd 12.08
3rd 12.03

Resistance training

Just a short 2 mile run, I felt good on the run no issues with my calf or hip and I took on a couple of hills, at the end of the run I felt really good within myself. The times for each mile was very close another thing I was pleased about.

My Time for each mile
1st 11.04
2nd 11.03

Fri day
Steady cardio, I did 5 minutes on the rower then 10 minutes on the cross-trainer then 10 minutes on a bike and finished off with a 1K run on the treadmill.

I had planned on doing a short run today just to loosen up but as I will probably be walking the race route in Blackpool later today I will use this to loosen up instead.

Race Day.

The weather was just right there was a light breeze and the sun was shining, the breeze was a little bit cool which was great for running against, the run back to the finish line was with the breeze and it was so light you could not feel it, by the time I got to the finish I felt as if my forehead was burnt.

The race itself went well on the out run my legs felt heavy at one point I thought of walking but I persisted and planned on increasing my pace once I past the 4 mile mark. My incentive at that point was to catch up with a group of people I had been running with who had got away from me.

I increased my pace and intended only to catch up with the group but I finished up passing a few of them which was a great feeling. We were running on the bottom level and to get to the finish on the middle level we had to climb a steep ramp, as soon as I saw the finish line I started feeling a bit emotional.

I don’t know if it was the relief that I had actually done it or if it was pride.

Race Results
Runners 553
Position 380
Time 1:11:44

My Time for each mile
1st 10.46
2nd 12.03
3rd 11.45
4th 12.06
5th 11.21
6th 11.06

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10K Race Training Week 7

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I did the same run as last Monday with very different results, I felt good when I set off and still felt alright at the turn around point. I don’t know if this had an effect on my performance but I had a sudden urge to go to the loo and it stayed with me till I got home.

When comparing my times with last weeks, it looks like the loo factor did make a difference to my run.

The run up the hill was a lot harder this week my calf muscles started to stiffen and at one point I thought about walking, I started thinking I ran it last week so I can do it again and this kept me going.

My Times for each mile
1st 10.21
2nd 10.47
3rd 11.56
4th 11.26
5th 12.04
5th 13.02

Resistant training today, there are 11 exercises all on the upper body and takes it just over an hour.

The exercises are for the chest, delts, triceps, back and biceps I have 6 exercises for each that I rotate doing 2 from each group per session, for my forearms I only have 2 and I do 1 each session.

I have to adapt some of the exercise as they don’t have a full range of equipment.

The one thing I like about the gym I go to it’s not busy and you can get on the equipment when you want to.

Tempo run today this I did on my own this morning, the wind did not help much it was quite strong and in the exposed areas on the route you could really feel it, the first part of the route I took was fairly flat as you can see from my times below.

Once I hit the hills on the second half I had to slow it down to keep my breathing around an 8.

My Times for each mile
1st 10.18
2nd 11.07

Steady cardio, I did 5 minutes on the rower then 10 minutes on the cross-trainer then 10 minutes on a bike and finished off with a very slow run on the treadmill.

The reason for the slow run so that I did not aggravate the soreness in my calf muscle.

As you may have seen further up this post I have been having problems with the calf muscle on my right leg, I had a visit to a physiotherapist on Thursday I can’t remember being in so much pain and I was paying for it, she advised me not to take part in the parkrun and with only 8 days to the 10K at Blackpool I took her advice.

She suggested a run on a route as flat as I could get it and that is what I have done today. I only ran for 2 miles the first was done with my breathing at a 5, I felt alright after the first mile so I took my breathing up to an 8 and held it at this for the second half of my run.

As I could not take part in the parkrun today I volunteered as a martial, parkruns are free and anyone can take part you don’t have to run all the way you can run a little walk a little.

My Times for each mile
1st 11.29
2nd 10.35

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10K Race Training Week 6

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I am really pleased with myself the route I took involved running downhill for 1.4 I then ran along the disused rail track till I reached the 3 mile mark, I then reversed the route coming back up the hill really slowed me down but I managed to run all the way back up it.

The reason I am so please with myself is the last time I tried to run up this hill I only manage a 100 yard (if that) before I had to walk and walked most of the way.

I knew coming back up the hill was going to be hard, I managed to keep myself at a nice stead pace so that I had enough left to make it to the top. I was surprised by my breathing it was not laboured till I was about half way up the hill.

I managed to put a sprint in coming past the cue at the bus stop, just a bit of showmanship.

My Times for each mile.
1st 10.06
2nd 10.53
3rd 11.32
4th 11.18
5th 11.33
6th 12.07

Visit to the gym and did my resistance work, I put some extra weight on today just to see how much difference it makes, I have been taking pictures every three months since I started exercising, there is a bit of a difference but it does not seem to be happening as fast as I would like.

With the extra weight I was not able to do as many reps, I am not sure if doing less reps with heavier weights or doing the required amount of reps at a lower weight is going to get me the required results.

I don’t want massive muscles I just want to look as though I have some

Tempo run with James today, this run was just short of 2.5 miles. It was fairly flat to start with the second half was up some hills the first one being the longest and the steepest we finished up on top what was the muck stack from the pit that used to be there.

We had a nice view of Barnsley from there.

I managed to keep my breathing around an 8 but on the last hill it was going over a 9, this needed a slight alteration to the pace and I felt alright, it was a good run and I felt great afterwards

My Times for each mile
1st 10.35
2nd 11.49

At the advice of James I did my cardio on different machines, I did 10 minutes on the rowing machine, 10 minutes on the cross-trainer, 10 minutes on a bike and 10 minutes on the treadmill.

I have for a long time avoided going on a rowing machine, I had a trainer push me to hard on one and I could hardly breath, I had the machine set a level 5 in the middle and found it alright but as I have lost a bit of fat round the backside the seat felt a bit uncomfortable towards the end.

Up early this morning so I decided to have my breakfast, my previous runs have been done on an empty stomach I wondered if I would be OK. The run went well I managed to keep my breath at 8 except the last little hill I went up to a 9, I can’t say I notice any difference in my performance with food in my stomach.

I tried not to think about the hills so I concentrated on my breathing to take my mind off them, it seemed to work so I know what to do the next time. I have not got my mile times this week I started the Map My Run app as I was walking to the start, I paused it and did not realise it was still clocking up the distance I had walked.

I came 177 out of 212 and a new PB of 35.01

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10k Race Training Week 5

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Week 5 starts with a 5-mile run, I set off too fast and I knew all about it from the second mile, it’s just as well it is flat on Portobello prom the only slope is at either end but nothing compared to the hills in Locke Park.

I ran towards Leith initially and turned around when the footpath joined the main road and then ran back towards Musselburgh, I thought I had judged the distance correctly so that I would finish outside the swimming pool but I was about half a mile short.

I didn’t want to run past the pool so I ran round the side streets. The pool has been handy for getting changed they only charge for the use of the showers.

My Times for each mile.
1st 10.32
2nd 11.14
3rd 11.24
4th 11.35
5th 11.17

Got it right this morning did the resistance training, there is a lot more equipment at the Portobello swimming pool, so I was able to do most of the exercises, the was only one I couldn’t do was the seated rows.

The weights on the machines go up in different increments from the ones at my regular gym, so I just recorded the numbers of reps I did and tried to get the weight as close as I could to that at my normal gym.

Tempo run this morning and I managed to keep my breathing between 8 and 9, keeping my breath at the right level is easier than the running itself.

The run itself was only was just over 2 miles and took 21 minutes to complete.

My Times for each mile
1st 10.11
2nd 10.12

Steady cardio at the gym today, I did 50 minutes on the cross-trainer I must be getting fitter because I managed to keep within my desired heart rate at level 14, doing between 70 and 80 cycles per minute.

When I have done this in the past I have had to keep the speed between 60 and 70 cycles to maintain my desired heart rate.

When I got up this morning the weather did not look too good, when I checked the weather forecast it said it was going to rain, I was toying with the idea of going to the gym and doing a tempo run on the treadmill.

But the boss reminded me that if it rains in Blackpool I will have to run, so I went to do the Parkrun instead.

Once again the last lap took its toll, my breathing was very close to a 10 this is the level where you would find it difficult to talk, I slowed my pace right down to try and make the breathing easier but I was determined not to walk.

When you are fresh it’s very easy to go out fast on the first lap, when trying to control your breathing it takes a while to get to an 8, I didn’t really feel I had to an 8 till the second lap.

My Times for each mile.
1st 10.34
2nd 10.55
3rd 11.41

Parkrun result new PB 35.16, 202 out of 220.

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10K Race Training Week 4

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Endurance run today distance covered 4.6 miles, time 55 minutes.

My legs felt like lumps of lead again this morning, I don’t know if it is because I go up The Walk early in the run, I am sure it can only be strengthening my legs and in time I will not feel it.

I have not been keen on the idea of running in the rain, when I set off this morning there was a bit of drizzle and I thought it might have got heavier as I got further into the run, lucky for me it did not put down a lot of rain till I got back in the house.

Today’s run was a 4.5 mile run, working the miles out are easy the app does that for you and gives you a verbal warning when you have completed each mile, the only way I can get information about the half mile is to look at my phone.

The only problem with that is I have to take it out of the magnetic pocket I wear while running, I can only get my phone in the pocket if I take it out of the case I have for it, so it is not protected when take it out to have a look.

Anyway, I managed to run the full distance despite of my legs feeling a bit heavy.

Timings by Mile
1st 11.53
2nd 11.37
3rd 11.43
4th 11.53

Active rest day I did a nice steady 50 minutes on a bike at the gym, I had to walk round the gym for a while to ease the saddle soreness.

One thing about this week my legs did not feel as bad as they did last week, they still took a little while to loosen up when I started walking.

Once that was sorted I did my abs exercises then front and side planks to strengthen my core.

I must remember to take my headphones next time I do this I will be able to watch TV, it will have to be one of the kids programmes though, I couldn’t listen to the news for 50 minutes talk about getting brain washed.

Tempo run with James today, time taken 20:08 distance covered 1.91 the average pace was 10.32 per mile.

James has advised me to cut back on my training, I am currently doing 2 long runs a week and 2 tempo runs with a cross training day then 2 resistance sessions in the afternoon.

He has suggested that I only do 5 sessions a week, that would be a distance run 2 tempo runs a cross training day and 1 resistance session, being as I am paying him for his advice I think I would be wise to follow it.

You know I have mentioned not wanting to run in the rain, I thought today was going to be the day I would have to, it started to put a bit down just before we started, but we managed to get round before it really started to come down.

1st mile 10.36
0.91 10.30

Today should have been a cross training day but I did resistance training, I suppose I should have looked at my programme before going to the gym.

I think I did the training the correct way, I remember reading that you should work on the big muscles first, so I did chest first then my back and arms last then finished off with abs and core exercises.

It’s the first time I have done resistance training in the morning I have been doing it in the afternoon and having my evening meal afterwards, when I have done it this way I don’t normally feel hungry but even after having my breakfast which is normally my biggest meal of the day calorie wise, I felt hungry after a short period and it lasted all day, even though I had some snacks in between meals I tried to keep these healthy but could not resist the custard creams.

I’m not hungry as I type this though I have had my favourite meal tonight bacon, egg and tomatoes. Just in case you think I should not be eating this because it will not do me any good, when I started my get fit campaign I weighed 86.5kg (13st 6lb), I now weigh 80.6kg (12st 7lb).

Fantastic day for the Barnsley Parkrun I left my running jacket back in the car it was that warm, there were 232 runners today from all age groups, and it was great to see the children joining the parents for a run, there was a group of youths in their early teens they all looked to be having fun.

I am getting better the third lap was once again the hardest, I did the run as a tempo run I think I managed to do it right, my breathing in places was a bit heavy but not over what my instructor calls an 8 not as you would suspect on the hills but on the approach to the hills.

I was using the hills to recover my breath and on the flat, I seem to be recovering better which is a good sign.

I finished at position 182 and my time this week was 35.27.

Timings by the mile
1st 10.28
2nd 11.00
3rd 11.15

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10k Race Training Week 3

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I have read quite a lot of articles on the internet about running faster so I thought I would give one of the ideas a go, there is a road where I live called The Walk it is on a fairly steep hill so I had a go at hill sprints.

To do hill sprints as the name suggests you run up the hill as fast as you can. Then you can ether jog back or walk back down and repeat this as many times as you can.

I had a nice steady run down there from my house and then proceeded to sprint up the hill, the first couple of times felt fairly easy and I managed to do two more before carrying on with my 3.5 mile run.

It was not all running though there was 3 or 4 times when I had to walk who can blame me, I can only see this making me a better runner.

The sprints must have taken it out of me I was falling asleep while watching the tele so I was in bed for 9 o’clock and slept till 6:30.

Today is a cross training day where you do anything but running sometimes called active rest, you do these other activities at a nice steady pace, I chose to go to the gym and ride a bike for a change.

I think the next time I do this I will take a cushion there where certain parts that were hurting more than others, I mentioned in another post about steady cardio and how I keep my heart rate at 101 beats per minute.

I set the difficulty level to 4 and keeping the speed around 70 rpm this was ideal for keeping my heart at plus or minus 5 of my desires heart rate.

When I got off the bike after 40 minutes I could hardly move my legs they were aching in places they don’t normally get sore, a short walk round the gym sorted that out.

I had a session with a personal trainer today, the whole session lasted two hours and he has put me right on a few things.

I mentioned that I would like to run the 10k in under an hour he has told me with my current fitness level this would not be possible.

We did a tempo run this is running just slightly faster than your comfort level you should be able to talk but only getting out 3 or 4 words out at a time, he has told me that this type of run should normally take between 20 and 30 minutes over a two-mile run.

If you feel you are getting out of breath you are running too fast you should slow down for a while till you get your breath back.

It was great to be able to talk to someone who knows what he is talking about. While following the programme that I got off the internet I felt it was not taking me in the right direction and only training me to be able to run the distance.
James is a great guy if you need help to get fitter, lose weight or improve your speed his contact details can be found on his site  http://www.getactivefitnesscoaching.co.uk

Got up just before 6 to have my breakfast before my run at the recommendation of my personal trainer, this meant I could not go out for my run till 8, It actually came in quite handy as I managed to get some practise in on my guitar while waiting to go.

Up to now I have been getting up and having a cup of coffee and doing my warm-up exercises then setting off and I have been fine. It’s not only James that says you should eat before a run there are lots of articles on the internet that tell you to do this especially before a long run.

Today was a 4 mile run done at a steady pace, I started at the pace I intended to maintain for the duration of the run, it felt a bit slow but that was the whole idea of the run not to get out of breath, the breathing was fine it was my legs that where feeling a bit like lumps of lead.

I kept going and managed to complete the run in 48 minutes for the last mile I tried to pick up the pace it was alright on the flat bits but even the slightest slope took its toll.

I was using the Mapmyrun app again and when I heard it tell me I had done my 4 miles I felt that I could run some more especially at that pace.

Parkrun day my legs felt better than yesterday, I was supposed to do this as a tempo run I don’t know if I did it right but I did fell as if I was keeping a good pace and it felt faster than normal.

The weather looked fine here at home but when I got close to Locke Park there was a bit of drizzle I thought of turning round and going to the gym, people have told me that they like running in the rain, I don’t know if I would set off in the rain but if you are not near home when it starts you don’t have a lot of choice.

I will have to run in Blackpool if it rains I can’t see them giving your registration fee back just because the weather isn’t to your liking.

I am still improving in the Parkruns my PB is now 37 minutes, the last lap still takes its toll though at one point going up the hills I thought if I bent forward anymore I would be crawling. From what I have been told you are supposed to stay upright when running up hills, I had to keep telling myself to straighten up.

The total distance ran this week 12.6 miles.

Don’t forget I am running to raise money for Bliss.
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