Sports Trading Wednesday 01 Nov 17

The start of a new month and I make a big mistake in the sixth race, the software I use has the facility to enable you to select how many ticks you want to take as your liability.

I think I need to start and use this as I keep getting myself into a bad position.

My bid was taken and my hedge bid put in place, but before it got taken the price started coming in, so I decided to let it go in play (big mistake), the horse was running second right from the start.

And the price came in even further, at one point I looked like having to take a £30 loss but let it ride and got out when the price came out for a £15 loss.

The horse did not win, and as the price came out I got some lay bets in and got my loss down to £11.89.

It could have been worse if I did not get out when I did, and the horse could have gone on to win and I could have lost 2 thirds of my bank.

In the past when I have done this, I have lost my temper and gone on to make an even bigger mistake, today I took it in my stride and kept my head.

I did have another blip but nothing to shout about, it’s not all bad news I was able to recoup it all and make a bit of profit.

My Mentor Tony Hargraves

Treading Horses

Trading the Horses

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