Sports Trading Wed 11 Oct 17

I hope no one got the wrong idea from my first post about this, I said the system is easy to follow this does not mean that things can’t go wrong.

Things do go wrong for me, and my mentor, it’s not what happens to you it is how you react when it does go wrong that matters.

Take today I had already traded this particular race and was in profit, I decided to trade a horse in running because I heard the commentator say a particular horse would take up the running.

I got three good trades on the horse, but tried another when it was too close to the post and the prise dropped like a stone and the horse went on to win.

You might be thinking this would be a good thing, I was trading on the horse to lose the race.

I lost quite a chunk of my bank, I could have laid on the floor kicking and screaming, would that have got my money back (NO), so I put it behind me and went on to the next race.

I did a total of 12 trades today and 11 of them were good.

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