Sports Trading Tuesday 31 Oct 17

I have ended the day on a high, I traded a horse before the start and traded the same horse in running.

I have seen my mentor trade £10 and more live and in his videos, and thought one day I will be able to do that, and that’s what I have done today on the last race of the day, for me anyway.

I have got to add that I was not as calm as my mentor is when he is trading.

Up till now in most of the races I have traded in I have only managed to get 1 trade in.

Today I decided I was going to get 2 trades in per race, and I managed it for most of them but to get the second trade in a couple of races I had to trade in running.

Getting more than 1 trade per race is the only way I can see to get £10 a race, unless you have a massive bank and you can use bigger bids, but I think this makes it harder to get matched.

The other day I mentioned that I can be a bit over cautious, I ask myself is that really a bad thing when I have nearly multiplied my bank by 4 this month.

My Mentor Tony Hargraves

Trading Horses

Trading the Horses

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