Sports Trading Thursday 26 Oct 17

Another good day trading, after getting in front yesterday I did not want to spoil things and go and blow my bank today.

The first few races I traded in running, I just could not seem to get comfortable with the way the bidding was going.

I did let a couple of races go in running, I was between 4 and 10 ticks from the start price and as the races were over a mile I decided it was worth taking the risk.

I must admit that I thought one of them was not going to come out to me, and was ready to take a loss but fortunately for the price went in the right direction.

I keep telling myself I have to stop this, but I find it hard to take a loss.

I all but cleaned my bank out doing this so you would think that taking a small loss would not be so hard.

My Mentor Tony Hargraves

Trading Horses

Trading the Horses

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