Sports Trading Thursday 12 Oct 17

Today was very different from yesterday, I did 12 trades today all successful, but today did not go without any drama.

Towards the end of my trading a trade headed in the wrong direction, I held on in the hope that the price would go in the right direction but before that happened the race started.

The price did go out and touch where I had got my exit trade placed and came straight back down, it was a 3-mile race and I hopped that it would turn again.

I set what is called a stop loss at £10 and the price came down to it, but it could not be taken, as I did not have enough funds in the bank.

This was because I still had my exit trade in place, and I am pleased that it did not get taken because the horse started going backwards and so did it’s prise.

I managed to get a better prise than I would have if the original trade had been successful.

To be honest I would rather not get into this situation in the first place, as it can go very wrong and people have been known to lose their whole bank.

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