Sports Trading Thursday 02 Nov 17

All the good work from last month gone in one afternoon.

And all this because I can’t accept a small loss, in some of my posts from last month I told you about the trades going the wrong way and letting it go in running and having a lucky escape.

Today my luck had ran out, I let it go in running and the prise just kept coming in.

Not just once but as you can see from the image twice, both times taking a good chunk out of my bank.

This is a quote from my mentors excellent ebook Racing Trader: –

Most people have massive problems accepting when a trade has gone wrong and it is time to get out. They sit like a rabbit stuck in the headlights watching their position get worse and yet they do nothing!

That is me all over I got away with it so many times last month that it became part of my trading routine.

If am ever going to be able to earn some money from trading, this is what I need to work on and get right before that is going to happen.

There is only one person responsible for what happened yesterday, and I see him every morning when I have a shave.

My Mentor Tony Hargraves

Trading Horses

Trading the Horses

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