Sports Trading Sunday 29 Oct 17

Today we went out for dinner and when we got back home I had missed a few races.

I managed to get 8 trades done, 2 of those were done in running using small bids with a 1 tick off set.

You can tell which one’s they were from the image.

I only went in play with these 2 because I could not get a trade in before the race started.

I think this might have been because I was being over cautious, is this a good or bad thing.

I have read a lot on the internet about trading, and nearly every person who rights on the subject says you have got to protect your bank.

When I decided to have a go at trying to top up my pension on sports, the first programme I signed up to was a betting system.

I could not see how you could protect your bank when you increased your bet every time you lost.

Another thing I did not like about the betting system was you could have good runs and bad runs.

When I found trading I thought this is the only way anyone can protect their bank, if things start going wrong you can get out before it gets too bad.

With betting you put your bet on and it goes to the end of the race or game, and your ether up or down.

My Mentor Tony Hargraves

Trading the Horses

Trading Horses

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