Sports Trading Sunday 15 Oct 17

Today has been my best day trading the horses.

I wish I could say the same for my attempt at football trading, I backed both teams to score and the away team to win.

But don’t worry they where only small trades, the both teams to score would have covered my loss on the away team to win.

When first reading this you might be thinking that this sounds more like gambling.

The idea was for the away team to score an equaliser and cash out for a small profit, but the worst happened and the home team scored a second goal.

The only option was to stay with the both teams to score, which did not happen.

Anyway back to the horse trading, I did something I don’t normally do I placed my bid on the bet side of the ladder first.

The reason I normally do it the other way round is in case the horse falls, but having said I should have exited from my trade before the race starts.

I have had a bid in and the jockey was unseated at the start, and because I was on the lay side I got paid, if I had been on the bet side I would have lost out.

These things only happen if you let things go in running, a fault I am guilty of and the reason for most of my loses.

So now I keep an eye on the clock and tend not to trade as soon as the 20 second count down starts.

Sports trading

Sports trading

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