Sports Trading Sunday 05 Nov 17

Today’s trading started off alright, I managed to get a couple done before stopping for dinner.

After that I was showing one of my daughters how scalping works, I must not have been explaining it very good because she did not get it.

While I was demoing it I had BetTrdaer set to training mode, and did alright both with scalping and the new found in running system.

When I came back to do it for real I got at bit cocky, and started making mistakes so I had to steady myself down a bit.

Once I did that I started getting it right, and got my losses down to just over £7, nearly back to £15 like last month.

As it says in the song the only way is up, I have 25 days to turn this around and get myself in to profit again, which I will do.

My Mentor Tony Hargraves

Sports Trading

Trading Horses

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