Sports Trading Monday 16 Oct 17

I don’t know how many times I will be trading this week I have my mother coming to stay for a week and it would not be nice me sitting in front of my computer for a couple of hours a day while she is here.

It’s not really a problem as I am in bank building mode, I started this month with £41 in my bank and at one point I was down to £15, with all the mistakes I have made.

I have slowly built it back up to £47 and provided I don’t make ant stupid mistakes, I should be well on my way to £100 by the end of this month.

Just in case you are wondering how I am doing it, I set the software I use to liability and when I was at £15 I used a £10 liability and as my bank increased by £5 I have been increasing the liability amount by £5.

Yesterday I used the whole bank as my liability that’s how I managed to get my best day.

What did I say about stupid mistakes, I have had a very lucky escape, I was looking at a £1.30 loss, so I decided that as the race was over 1 mile I would do some in running trading to see if I could get it down.

Normally I reduce the liability as it gets a bit frantic in running and mistakes are easy made, I forgot to do this, and this is where the luck came in to it.

Before I could cancel it both entry and exit bids were taken and I ended up with a win of £7.

It all happened in the blink of an eye, and it could quite easily have been a loss of £40.

The gods smiled on me today.

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