Sport Trading Tuesday 24 Oct 17

Today is the first day I have sat down to do some trading, we had a visitor staying with us and I thought it would be rude of me to spend the afternoons sat at my computer.

But I did manage to do a few small trades just spending 10 minutes here and there.

I got back into it fulltime today, when I say full time I mean a couple of hours, most of today’s trades I did before the start of the race but I did do some in running trades.

As I was easing myself back into I only used small bids on my trades, it was a successful day and I added some more money to the bank.

On Monday by the time I had finished all the running around I had to do, all the horse racing in the UK had finished, so I decided to do a trade on a football game.

My trade was in the correct score market, I drip laid the 0-0 the game had been going for 80 minutes.

There had been 12 shots on target and as many corners so I expected a late goal, but it never came not to worry it did not break the bank.

My Mentor Tony Hargraves

Trading Horses and Football

Trading Horses and Foorball

Trading Horses and Football

Trading Horses and Football

Trading Horses and Football

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