Parkrun Day

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Saturday morning, I could not sleep so I was up at 6:30, it’s parkrun day and I want to try and run around it a bit faster than I have been doing but I am afraid of burning myself out. I have done 4 now last week was the first time I managed to run all three laps.

I can run at 7.5kmh to 8kmh on a treadmill for 40 minutes so why is it I can’t run around Locke park at this rate, I know there are hills but I should be able to go faster than a snail’s pace, today is supposed to be an easy run but today I am going to push myself, I will let you know how I get on.

Back from the Parkrun.

I set off at the pace I wanted to run at on the first lap I was surprised at how quick I had got to the top of the hills, the second lap was quite a different story I managed to run up the hills but it was a struggle, the third lap it was back to the snail’s pace when I got to the hills for the third time I had to walk up the second and third hill.

I have just got to wait for the results to come in now.

Got the results I was 180th out of 202 the 115th mail across the line and 7th in my age group, the numbers just get better and better this means I’ve gone from 180th to 7th and set a new PB into the bargain my time was 36:53.

If I keep this up I’ll be finishing before I’ve started!

Today is the last activity day for this week, that’s 2 weeks training completes. The total distance I ran this week is 12.8 miles, this is the last post I will be making till next Saturday.

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Longer Runs

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The miles start to increase from today, the run today was 3.5 miles, I tried to map it last night and I thought I had got it right. Today I used the mapmyrun app for the first time I found it really useful I think I should have been using it from the first day.

I had it in my pocket and I could hear it talking, the problem was I couldn’t hear it very clear for the traffic, once I got onto the side roads I could hear it fine it tells you how far you have ran and how long it has taken you.

I took a different route today. In the village where I live there is a long hill, it starts off quite steep and starts to level off near the top it can’t be far off a quarter of a mile long. I expected it to be harder than it was and I got up it fairly quickly.

It took its toll in the last half mile. My legs felt like lead, I tried to put a spurt on and I did manage to increase my speed a little, I am going to make the hill the first part of the route from now on, from what I read it will help me to increase my speed.

I hope when it comes to do the Blackpool run I have enough left to put a spurt on for the crowd at the finish line.

I did find myself thinking about how far I had got to run before I had gone a hundred yards and started to wonder if I could do this, if that’s what I am like on a 3.5 mile run what am I going to be like when I have to run 7 miles in week seven.

While running I got to thinking about my resistance training, I seem to do a lot at the beginning of the week, a run Monday morning the gym in the afternoon, a run Tuesday then strength training in the afternoon, a run Wednesday morning then gym again in the afternoon.

I think I will move one of these sessions to Friday.

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Rest Day

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I could hardly move my legs this morning, they were especially sore in the top half at the back, I put this down to the strengthening exercises I did on Tuesday night. As well as running I am doing resistance training twice a week at the gym.

The strengthening exercises I found on a running site on the internet, so I thought I would give them a go, and see if it helps me with running faster. I was really glad it was a rest day this morning.

This is the routine I did: –

Running on the spot for a count of 60
Butt kicks for a count of 50
Hop for a count of 40, 20 on each leg
Jumping Jacks for a count of 30
High Knees for a count of 20 this is like running on the spot but lifting the knees high
Basketball Jumps 10 times, you crouch down then spring up (my feet barely left the ground)

Then you move onto

Squats 2 x 15
Front Lunges 2 x 15
Side Lunges 2 x 15

Then you repeat the ones at the top

Squats 2 x 15
Front Lunges 2 x 15
Wall Sit for 40 seconds and repeat 3 times
Heel Raises 3 x 10, that’s 10 in each position, feet parallel, pointing out and pointing inn

Repeat the top one’s again

Front Plank for 30 seconds
Side Plank for 30 seconds each side
Bicycle Crunches for a minute (this is a killer)
Bird Dogs hold 12 hold each for 5 seconds
Reverse Crunch for 30 seconds
Superman 5 times holding for 3 seconds
10 Hip Bridges

And for the last time repeat the top exercises.

I got these exercise plan courtesy of

I only hope I am alright for my run tomorrow morning.

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Speed Training

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Today should have been a 3 mile run at the pace I intend to run the race, when I got up I saw that it had been raining and there was a big black cloud hanging about, so I decided to go to the gym and do fartlek training (believe me I don’t need any training in the first 4 letters of that word).

So what is fartlek training it is a Swedish term meaning speed play, it is a system to help you to increase your speed and endurance, this is done by varying the speed you run at, and as I did it on a treadmill slope was added to make it a bit harder.

It starts with a 5 minute warm up at a nice easy pace, with a 7% slope, you can do this walking or jogging, then you have to run at 6mph, you take the slope down to 1%, Then you slow the pace to 5 mph for 3 minutes, next speed up to 6.8 miles an hour for 30 seconds, you repeat the last 2 steps till the timer reaches 25 minutes.

You then run another mile at 6 mph, lastly you cool down with a steady jog at 3.5mph with a slope of 5% to 7%, how are you supposed to cool down running up a hill, I did the 5 minutes but took the slope and walked for a few minutes to cool.

If I had read the instructions for this before going to the gym, I would have realised that mph was not good to me because the treadmill is in kph, it looks like I am going to have to do some conversions before I try this again.

I think the combination of last night’s strength train worked, for the first time since starting to run my legs really ached, it’s just as well tomorrow is a rest day, this should give my legs time to recover.

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Why Run A 10k At The Age Of 64

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While in the Royal Navy I would put my name forward for any sporting activity, one reason was it would get me out of the normal day duties, and another there was normally a visit to a pub afterwards, some might say my motivations where a bit miss guided, I did enjoy taking part in the sport, what I am really trying to get across is that I used to go at it like a mad man and tire myself out very quickly, I had no stamina.

Now I find myself at the age of 64 taking on challenges I would never try as a young man, even if it did get me out of work, the furthest I had ran for prior to this year was 1500 metre’s, a friend had volunteered me for the race, this was 40 years ago, I completed the race and was pipped at the post for third place.

In October 2016, I had to give up my job for health reasons, the doctors don’t know what is wrong with me, but one did say I should get some exercise, you don’t always listen to what doctors say do you, but I did not like how I looked in the mirror, my belly was starting to hang over my belt, a look I was not fond of.

I started with some dumbbells at home, then joined a gym just before Christmas, I know your supposed to make a resolution and then start in the New Year, I found this bloke on the internet who had taken himself from being overweight to winning body model competitions (I think that’s what they call it).

Anyway, his name is Chris Zaremba and his site is there is all sorts of information there from exercises to nutrition, Chris has done a lot of training and gained certificates in the fitness industry, so he knows what he is talking about.

The programme consists of cardio and resistance training, this is how I started running, there are two types of cardio, one is interval training, this involves running as fast as you can for a minute then walking for two, or till you get your breath back, then doing another minute running, the interval training is done over a 20 minute period, I have read that you should not do this for more than 30 minutes.

The other type of cardio is done at a steady pace, the pace that you do it at is 65% of your maximum heart rate, to find your maximum heart rate we need to do a bit of arithmetic, don’t panic I could do it so it is very easy, first of all take your age away from 220, and take 65% off that, I use the cross-trainer (elliptical) for this, the steady cardio for 40 minutes in length, making sure you stay within 5 beats of your target heart rate.

After doing this for around 6 weeks I took part in the Barnsley Parkrun this happens on a Saturday morning at 9 o’clock, now running on a treadmill and running on a paved path are two very different things, the later being the hardest, and then someone had put hills into this park to make things even harder.

The run covers three laps of Locke Park, and the hills go up in three tears, the first is the longest but not as steep as the next two, the next one is steeper but not as long, the last one is the steepest and the shortest, but this does not make it any easier.

On my first attempt it was a run walk, the run was at a very slow pace, I was that slow I was being overtaken by snails, I have now done four of these, and on the last one I managed to run all three laps, now I need to be able to go faster than the snails.

So why a 10k and not a marathon or half marathon, the reason is time, I can train to run in a 10k in eight weeks and I think it takes up to twenty weeks to train for a marathon, I might as well take it in baby steps and work up to it.

I have just started week two of my eight-week training plan, I would like to say the road running is getting easier, I am sure it will given time, back to the plan, over a week there is four days running, two rest days, and one day where I do another activity like swimming, cycling or anything that is different from running.

I choose the cross-trainer because I can maintain my desired heart rate, which is 101 bpm, I do this at level 14 at a speed between 65 and 70 cycles, at this level I find it easy to keep my heart rate within the limits.

Now comes the good bit, saved it to last, while doing this 10k run I am hoping to raise some money for a charity, the charity I have chosen is Bliss, the reason I have selected Bliss is because they gave support to my nephew when his daughter was born prematurely and very ill, this is the kind of support Bliss has given to families since 1977.

Don’t forget I am running to raise money for Bliss.
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