Guitar Practise Wednesday 25 Oct 17

Getting better at the warm up I started at 90 BPM and took it up to 120, once I felt comfortable with this I took it up to 160 and I did better than expected there was only a few bum notes.

But for the most part it sounded alright, a bit more practise and who knows I might be able to play it at 200 BPM.

The scale for today was done on the 2 highest strings and involved pinching, I manage to get the scale down after a couple of minutes, but the pinching did not always sound right.

I tried to play it along with the video but could not keep up, and after practising the scale for a while longer.

I then tried to play along with the jam track, not everything I played sounded right, and some of what I play sounded in tune with the track and I was quite pleased with myself.

This means I finish today’s lesson on a high, today’s practise was 45 minutes.

My Mentor Tony Polecastro

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