Guitar Practise Tuesday 31 Oct 17

I had to cut my session short this morning, so I only managed to get 40 minutes practise done.

I started the warm-up at 80 BPM and took it up to 130 BPM today, which I am really pleased with.

The lick for today was quite easy to pick up, it sounds great when Tony play’s it, but I am a long way from being able to play it as good.

Mind you he does have a few more years playing than I have.

To make it easy to follow it was broken down into steps, on the third step there is a slide up and a slide down only one fret and they should be done quickly.

When I do it the slide up sounds fine, but I can only make the slide down sound right if I do it very slowly, this is something I will have to revisit at the weekend.

Later in the day I had a bit of free time so I picked up my guitar again, did a quick warm-up and went back to the slides in today’s lesson, and I managed to improve on this morning’s practise.

This session was 30 minutes long.

My Mentor Tony Polecastro

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