Guitar Practise Sunday 29 Oct 17

I practised for an hour today.

I started with the warm-up at my own pace, and then I set the metronome to 100 BPM and took it up to 170 BPM in ten step increments.

At this tempo I found it hard to tell if I was on time or lagging, because of this I tensed up and started missing notes.

I stuck at it for 20 minutes and then decided to move on to the other lesson’s for this week, I intended to just go through each lesson.

But I only got a far as Tuesday’s, I went through it till I had memorised it and I did not need to look at the TAB, I played it on my own till I was comfortable with it.

I then tried to play along with the slow video, and I came quite close to nailing it I was only lagging behind a couple of beats.

I found that playing on my own I could play it alright, but following the video I went up the neck fine.

But I just could not get my fingers to do what I wanted at the turn around, and this is where I fell behind.

My Mentor Tony Polecastro

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