Guitar Practise Sunday 22 Oct 17

I started my guitar practise with a 27 minute theory video, it was very interesting and started with the music alphabet, then onto the major scales and the chord matrix.

I have been through theory lessons, I understood them but I think Tony took a better root to explain them.

After this I went through the whole of last week’s lessons, and paid most attention to Friday’s lesson on chord progression.

When I first started playing guitar I thought all I needed to do was learn a few chords and be able to play songs, in theory you can do this, and there are plenty of song books out there that show the chords for thousands of songs.

I have actually purchased a few, but I find it to play along with the songs, my biggest problem is the chord changing when trying to play along I am usually way behind.

If there is anyone out there who can give me advice on how to proceed with this I would like to hear from you.

My Mentor Tony Polecastro

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