Guitar Practise Saturday 28 Oct 17

First proper practise with the new guitar, and found it very different as it has steel strings the one I have been using uses nylon, this makes them easier to press down on the string.

It looks like I need to strengthen my fingers a bit more, plus the end of my fingers feel it more on the high strings.

The practise went well with only a few buzzes, after the warm-up I went through Thursday’s lesson again and tried to play along with the slow video.

I was just lagging behind a little and this was mainly due to the chord changes.

After trying for a while I decided to just practise the chord changes, I may have mentioned this before but my chord changes are slow.

I tried for a few minutes on my own then I started using the metronome, to keep up with it comfortably I had to slow it down to 25 BPM.

To be honest I felt quite good about this, I was changing chords on the click and strumming between clicks.

My whole session was an hour.

My Mentor Tony Polecastro

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