Guitar Practise Saturday 21 Oct 17

We have my mother staying with us this week, and I have been fitting my practise sessions in when I can.

Today I had a couple of small practise sessions, on the first I revisited Thursday’s lesson for some reason I could not get it to sound right, which I found a bit frustrating.

The second session I went through Tuesday’s and Friday’s lessons, I did better at the Tuesday lesson I need to get faster, Friday was the chord changes I am still very slow.

After today’s session I started to think I am never going to get this, there was one thing my dad said before he passed away, and at times like this it comes back to me, and that was “he gives up too easy”.

If he was here today I would ask him how long should you keep at it before calling it a day.

I have heard people say that they struggled and were getting frustrated, and then one day it came to them, did it come within months or years, I just wish things would fall into place.

Maybe it’s true you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

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