Guitar Practise Monday 30 Oct 17

This week’s warm-up exercise is quite easy to pick up, after practising on my own I set my metronome to 80 BPM and increased in steps of 5 till I got to 110 BPM.

I was quite pleased with this and decided to play along with the slow video, I had to go through quite a few times before I could play along with it.

I am not a guitar expert, but the slow video said it was being played at 80 BPM, but it seemed to be a lot faster than it does on my metronome (which is on my phone).

Once I managed to play along a couple of times, I then went to one of the lessons that I had added to my favourites.

The lesson is named The Ultimate Warrior and it involves chord changes, playing it at my own pace was fine but when it came to playing it faster the chord changes slowed me down.

I spent the last 10 minutes of my hours practise just going through the chords, one day I will be able to change chords fast enough to play along with songs.

My Mentor Tony Polecastro

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