Guitar Practise Monday 23 Oct 17

I had a busy day today and I was not going to practise, but my wife put on a program that I am not bothered about watching, so I decided to go pick up the guitar.

It was a repeat of week two’s warm-up but only this time it was to be done at speed, we where to try and get it up to 200 BPM, I am afraid I could not get close.

You are supposed to play at this speed with no bum notes, I got up to 90 BMP but there were a lot of bum notes, so I decided there was no point in trying to play any faster than that.

I was pleased I managed that because the beats on the metronome seem to merge, and I was finding it hard to tell if I was playing the note at the right time.

To say I was not going to practise I managed to get 30 minutes practise.

My Mentor Tony Polecastro

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