Guitar Practise Friday 27 Oct 17

Chord progression, this is the one I struggle with mostly unless it is done at a very slow tempo.

Today’s chords were in the key of C major.

They consist of C, Dm, Em, F, G, Am and Bdim.

Out of all of these I find Bdim a bit of a problem changing to, the chord progression that I had to do consisted all the above in that order.

My whole guitar experience would advance massively if I could do this, each day there 3 videos to follow slow, medium and fast, I can’t even follow the slow one.

You would think that after learning of for over 2 years, I would be able to string a few chords together at a reasonable tempo.

Yesterday I mentioned getting a better guitar, that’s exactly what I have done today I have got myself an Ibanez AEG8EHM-OPN.

I had a go at a few guitars and this I the one I kept going back to.

My Mentor Tony Polecastro

New Guitar

My New Guitar

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