Guitar Lessons First 3 Days

It might seem like a funny heading, but I have already done 2 days training.

On Monday there was the warm-up for the week, I found this quite a challenge but with a bit of perseverance I am able to play along with the metronome at 80 BPM.

I like this warm-up as it incorporates finger picking and moving across the fret board, the finger picking is quite a challenge as my fingers seem to have a mind of their own.

On Tuesday there is a lick to learn, I enjoyed this one and found it easy to pickup as there is only 1 chord in it, chord changing is the biggest challenge I face.

If your read a previous blog post I mentioned that I had stopped practising as I did not feel that I was making progress, and the area I was not making progress in was changing chords quickly enough.

You see it’s OK knowing a lot of cords but to make music you need to be able to change from one to the other.

On to Wednesdays training this is a scale, all the lesson’s for this week are in the scale of A and the scale today was done across and down the fret board, to make it a bit more melodic it was played with a drone string the A.

There is also a backing track with lesson it is for you to play along with, now improvising is new to me and something I struggled with today.

Once I had the scale in my head I tried to improvise for about five minutes, some of what I did sounded alright but only a very small part.

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