Guitar Lesson Tuesday 17 Oct 17

Did I say yesterday that I would be playing this week’s warm-up at 110 BPM, well I struggled to play it at 80 BPM today.

I tried to play it at 100 like yesterday but the beats on the metronome all seemed so much quicker, as it’s just a warm-up I gave 10 minutes and moved on to this week’s lick.

I like this week’s lick I found it very easy to remember and it sounds good, after a couple of runs through it I was able to play it without looking at the tab sheet.

Being able to play something without having to look at the music is something I really want to do, I just hope I can retain what I am learning, or better still be able to recall it when I want to.

The next step is being able to play along with the videos.

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