Guitar Lesson Sunday 15 Oct 17

I went through this week’s lesson again and I did better than yesterday.

Today I spent most of the hour on Thursday’s lesson, it was quite a lengthy lesson and I did not really give it enough time on Thursday.

But I went through it a few times this morning and marked it as a favourite so that I can find it easily later.

I really don’t know how this training is going to go because of how it is structured, we do a new lesson Monday to Friday and there is nothing at the weekends, so that is why I am going back through each lesson.

I had to print off the tab for the Thursday lesson and I found it easier to follow, you could say it is in 3 parts and the instructor suggested breaking it down and going through each section.

The best thing about the having videos is you can keep running them over and over, what I did was not the times of each section so that I could just watch that part.

I would like to say I was able to play the whole thing from beginning to without an error, but I am afraid my nose would start to grow and it is big enough.

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