Guitar Lesson Monday 16 Oct 17

Today’s warm-up lesson was a repeat of one earlier this month, and it should have been a speed test but as it was the first time I had seen it I did it at my own pace.

I started off with the metronome set at 60 BPM, even for me this was way to slow I found that 90 BPM was a nice tempo for me to do the warm-up exercise.

I managed to do the exercise at 100 BPM and tried 110 but that was way too fast, if I just did an up down strum on one string I was fine I could keep time, but it was when I tried to go through the exercise that things went wrong.

The exercise itself is very simple the first note was played with a down up motion, the second note you miss the down stroke and only play an up stroke, kind of like a pause.

It was the same for the third note followed with a down up on the forth not, and you move down a string and do it all again down to the high E string.

I will be starting all my guitar practise sessions with this for the rest of the week, so by Friday I hope I will be able to play at 110 or faster.

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