Half Marathon Training Week 9

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Week commencing 15/08/17

Start of the revamped training plan, I have taken the advice of an experienced marathon runner from the club I have joined, when I told him what I was doing in a week he said I was doing too much and should have more rest days.

I will still be doing 4 runs in a week 1 of them is going to be the club run on a Wednesday, I will be doing 1 day resistance training at the gym upper body only, this will give me rest days on Monday and Thursday.


The first run of the week, this was speed training broken down into 2 intervals of 12.5 minutes with a 2.5 minute recovery period.

The first interval was downhill so I tried to pace myself so that I had enough left to do the second at the same pace well as you can see from my split times that did not happen.

Target time 30 minutes actual 31.15
Target time 2.80 miles actual 2.96
Target pace 10.42 actual 10.33

Split times
1st 9.06
2nd 10.32

I should point out that I walked for the recovery periods.


Club run night, I really enjoyed tonight’s session we had a jog up to Locke Park and did some sprint circuits and being able to give it all I could without worrying about keeping some in reserve like I do on long runs felt great.

Total distance 3.5 miles, time 37.54 minutes average pace 10.36
Split times
1st 11.17
2nd 9.05
3rd 10.22


Parkrun day, last week I did not enjoy the parkrun, and I think it was because I was trying to get a PB of 30 minutes, this week I did not try I just went with the flow seeing how my body felt and I enjoyed it more.

I also think there might be something in what Ian at the running club told me about over doing it

Target time 30.08 minutes actual 32.19
Target distance 3.1 miles actual 3.1
Target pace 9.41 minutes 10.15

Split times
1st 10.19
2nd 10.30
3rd 10.23

Official Parkrun time 32.15

Just in case you are wondering about the targets they are on my plan, the actual times are logged in Strava.


A 75 minute run this morning, I headed off down the hill and onto the Pennine Trail the out ward run being the easy part, and the long run back up the hill on the inward run.

The weather was kind to me this morning the sun was shining and there was little to no breeze.

Target time 75 minutes actual 76.10
Target distance 5.82 miles actual 6.99
Target pace 12.53 minutes actual 10.53

Split times
1st 9.56
2nd 10.23
3rd 11.05
4th 10.31
5th 10.58
6th 11.42

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Half Marathon Training Week 8

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Week Commencing 07/08/17

I joined a running club and last night I was talking to an experienced marathon runner, he has advised me to take more rest days, so I am rethinking my training plan.

Last night I went for a run with the club the distance covered was 4.5 miles, there was quite a bit of walking involved due to the slower runners in the group.


My training run was the same as last week running for 8 minutes and walking for 2 minutes, as it was not fit to go off road I did most of my run round the side streets so that I could hear the timer on my phone.

Even though it was a bit damp this morning I still enjoyed the run.

Target time 55 minutes actual 57.02
Target distance 4.26 miles actual 5.11
Target pace 12.55 actual 11.09

Split times
1st 10.56
2nd 11.29
3rd 11.04
4th 11.23
5th 10.52


A tempo run 10 minutes at a fast pace then 3 minutes recovery.

The route I chose for this was a hard one, the first 10 minutes were mostly on a downward slope but the second 10 minutes was all uphill, I tried to keep the pace going but I was getting slower and slower.

If only it could be all downhill but it doesn’t work that way.

Target time 26 minutes actual 30.10
Target distance 2.29 mile actual 2.73
Target pace 11.20 actual 11.02

Split times
1st 9.09
2nd 10.41


It was a steady run for 25 minutes with 4×20 second sprints add at random.

The run went well and I felt strong so I put the sprint intervals in on uphill parts of the run.

Target time 25 minutes actual 28.33
Target distance 1.93 actual 2.51
Target pace 12.55 actual 11.23

Split times
1st 10.33
2nd 11.11


Parkrun tried to get a PB of 30 minutes Strava says I haven’t done it I will just have to wait till 12 to get the official time.

Today was the first time I got to thinking about how far I had got to go, and had a bad feeling when I got round to the start for the second time I started thinking oh no I’ve got to go round it again.

Target time 30.12 actual 32.10
Target distance 3.11 actual 3.15
Target pace 9.43 actual 10.13

Split times
1st 10.36
2nd 10.09
3rd 10.25

The official time 32.14

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Half Marathon Training Week 7

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Week commencing 31/07/17


This was a running and walking training today, running for 8 minutes and walking for 2.

I went off road for this run, it was a bit muddy but still enjoyable and good to get away from the traffic.

Target time 55 minutes actual 55.36
Target distance 4.25 actual 4.58
Target pace 12.57 actual 12.08

Split times
1st 12.17
2nd 11.40
3rd 12.06
4th 12.14


Before going out on the run this morning I read the instructions and I still managed to get it wrong, I set my timer and set off, I was to do 2×10 minutes at a fast pace and 2×3 minute at a slower pace and this is what I set my timer up for.

When the timer signalled the end of the run I started walking and got my phone out to check the time on Strava I thought it had ended too soon, I had got it into my head that I was running for 30 minutes, so I carried on running till I had done 30 minutes.

I set my equipment up for the job and did not put any faith into it.

Target time 26 minutes actual 30.44
Target distance 2.29 actual 3.01
Target pace 11.21 actual 10.12

Split times
1st 9.41
2nd 9.57
3rd 10.58


Running at a moderate pace for 25 minutes and adding 4 20 second sprints at random periods.

I had to keep myself in check today I found my breathing was harder than it should have been for a moderate run.

I enjoyed the sprints it made me feel as if I was actually running if you know what I mean.

Target time 25 minutes actual 26.27
Target distance 1.93 actual 2.55
Target pace 12.57 actual 10.21

Split times
1st 10.11
2nd 10.23


There did not seem to be many people at the Parkrun today, but after setting off it took a bit of time before the field got stretched out, running bunched up makes it harder for you to get into your stride.

I keep saying I want to average a 10 minute mile and I am getting closer to it, but it felt like hard work today, I am still quite away from the pace my plan says I should have ran today.

Target time 30.17 actual 32.28
Target distance 3.11 actual 3.18
Target pace 9.44 actual 10.12

Split times
1st 10:14
2nd 10.23
3rd 10.28

These times are from Strava.

The official time is 32.30.

There I was thinking there was not many people there today, but there were over 200 running today which is quite good compared to the last 6 weeks.

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Half Marathon Training Week 6

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Week commencing 24/07/17


Steady run for 45 minutes and for once I did take it steady in fact I feel that I was a bit slow, but I was closer to the times on the plan.

Target time 45 minutes actual 44:43
Target distance 3.46 actual 3.79
Target pace 12:59 per mile actual 11:48 per mile

Split times
1st 12.08
2nd 11.49
3rd 11.36


Tempo run for 26 minutes 2X10 minutes with a 3 minute recovery, I put in a good strong run today I did have to push myself on the second 10 minutes but feel that I put in a good effort.

Target time 26 minutes actual 28 minutes
Target distance 2.28 actual 2.78
Target pace 11.24 actual 10.09

Split times
1st 9.25
2nd 9.57


3×5 minute uphill runs, as you would expect the first was fairly easy but the second was the hardest of the 3.

Could that be down to the electrolyte drink that I took with me, I took it so that I could practise drinking on the run which is something I struggled with earlier this year in the 10 mile race.

Drinking from a bottle is easier than drinking out of a plastic cup.

Target time 30 minutes actual 30.07
Target distance 2.31 miles actual 2.68
Target pace 12.59 actual 11.14

Split times
1st 10.38
2nd 11.37


The Parkrun, they had some pacers on today, I tried to keep up with the 31 minute pacer I could not stick to the pace, he pulled away the second time up the hills or should I say I started going backwards.

I took the drink with me that I had the other day thinking it might help me hit my target time of 30 minutes.

Target time 30.22 minutes actual 32.37
Target distance 3.11 miles actual 3.17
Target pace 9.46 actual 10.18

Split times
1st 9.33
2nd 10.51
3rd 11.02

The official time 32.42

I have got to say I felt a bit disappointed with this time.

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