10 Mile Race Training Week 4


A 70 minute run this morning, the weather was ideal for it.

The first part of the run was downhill all the way, I then ran along the disused rail track. I ran this route before and did not realise that it was up hill for the outward part of the run.

I good running along the track as there is no traffic but getting round the wet patches means getting very close to the nettles at the edge, I am sure as the summers goes on it will be difficult to miss them.

On the way back I chose to take on the steep hill, by the time I got to the top I was practically at a standstill, if I went any slower I would have been running backwards, my breathing was very close to a ten if anyone had tried to talk to me I would only have been able to grunt.

As you can see from my split times the hill really took its toll, never the less I am pleased with the run.

My legs felt a bit heavy during the run this seems to be normal after a rest day, I will see if my legs feel any better tomorrow.

Total time 69.53 distance 6.2 miles
Split Times
1st 10.19
2nd 10.33
3rd 11.11
4th 10.42
5th 12.20
6th 12.15


A short 20 minute run done at a steady pace, I carried on after the 20 to get 2 miles in.

My legs felt better today no problems, it was a nice sunny day with a gentle breeze that made it good for running in.

Had a gentler hill to run up today it was close to the start of the run and my legs were still fresh, I finished my run in the recreation ground to keep out of the traffic.

Total time 22.01 distance 2 miles
Split Times
1st 10.52
2nd 10.52


Today was supposed to be Strength and Conditioning. When looking at the programme I had 3 days of hard running one after the other so I swapped them around.

So today’s run should have been 30 minutes running at race fast pace for 12.5 minutes then 2.5 minutes at reduced speed and repeating this.

I may have set off too fast on the first 12.5, I could not keep it up the pace for the second 12.5 and had to walk for awhile.

This I am not happy about, I might have been better walking for the 2.5 stint instead of jogging who knows.

Total time 31.56 distance 2.9 miles
Split times
1st 10.10
2nd 10.35

I have looked at my split times for the last Parkrun and I had actually ran faster than today so why did I struggle, I had a better night’s sleep but I did not have as much to eat could this be what I missed today.


Strength and Conditioning a new set of exercises this week, I knew most of them but under different names.

You look at them and think these are not hard but they did get my heart rate up and a good sweat going.


Tempo run for thirty minutes split into 15 minutes at a fast past followed by 5 minutes at a reduced pace.

Today’s run went better than Wednesday’s I have been thinking of reason why, I had a better night’s sleep so it could be that, I had the same to eat before the run so it couldn’t be that, it could be that I had a break in between runs.

Monday I had a long run on Tuesday I had a shorter run and both were done at moderate pace but I still had 3 day’s running one after the other.

Things did go better today but by the end of the second 15 minute stint I was running slower and slower and was glad when it came to the last 5 minute recovery.

Total time 41.38 distance 3.8 miles
Split times
1st 10.27
2nd 10.27
3rd 10.05

I wrote the above before I looked at the split times and I am very surprised by what I have managed to do.


I am up early to have a bit of breakfast before going on the Parkrun, I have had toast and honey plus a banana.

They say you should run your own race, today I tried to keep up with someone I know and paid the penalty as you can see from the split times.

Parkrun 3.1 miles unofficial time 33.57
Split times
1st 9.39
2nd 11.29
3rd 12.26

As you can see a nice time on the first mile, maybe I am not read for this yet.

Parkrun result 221 out of 241 official time 34.53

10 Mile Race Training Week 3


Today’s run was 55 minutes, the run was spilt into 8 minutes running and 2 minutes walking. I did think about going to the gym this morning as it was raining but thought if it is raining on race day will I run or not.

As it happened the rain was only light and not too bad for running in, the route I took incorporated a very steep hill I had not attempted this hill before, I thought by the time I got to the hill I would be on a walking part, not so I was nearly at the top of the hill when a walking stint started.

I was glad I had to walk for a while the hill had taken a lot out of me, I felt quite strong on the 4th mile and I managed to pick up the pace a bit, it surprised how strong I felt.

The total distance 4.7 miles.
My split times
1st 10.53
2nd 12.38
3rd 12.42
4th 12.09


Today’s run was 20 minutes at a steady pace, I did not feel good on today’s run my feet felt as if I had been stood for a long time and at one point I thought I was going to get a stitch.

I did not stop at the 20 minute mark I wanted to complete the second mile. I was lucky today again it started to rain when I was near the end of my run so only got a little bit wet.

Total time 22.42 minutes distance 2 miles
My split times
1st 11.09
2nd 11.28


Today was 20 minutes strength and conditioning exercises, I am getting used to doing these exercises and it did only take 20 minutes unlike previous sessions.


Steady run today, this has been the warmest day since I started running. The run was for 25 minutes with 4×20 second increase in pace at random intervals during the run.

I miss judged the run I normally try to finish at or near home, but it was nice walking home in the sun shine so I did not mind much.

My legs did feel a bit heavy during the run, even so I felt like I could have ran for longer.

Total time 26.30 distance 2.3 miles
Split times
1st 11.21
2nd 11.54


Tempo run 10 minutes at moderate pace with a 3 minute recovery, it was a bit damp this morning but not raining too heavy.

I felt good all the way round, I was a bit late in setting off this morning and found myself dodging cars reversing out of driveways.

I really need to start wearing my earphones when running, I missed my first timing to slow down as a result I ran at a slower pace for the second session than I should.

On checking my phone I found that I was 5 minutes into the second 10 minutes, so I picked up the pace and ran through the 3 minute cool down section.

On the cool down I took a little longer than normal to get my breath back, I suppose that’s only to be expected when you are running faster than normal for a long period.

Total time 27.48 distance 2.5
Split times
1st 10.27
2nd 11.41


Parkrun – I did not think I was going to do so well today because of a poor night’s sleep, but I decided to go for it and increase my pace and see what happened.

As you can see from the split times this is the fasted I have ran on any training day, I surprised myself on the last lap I was able to increase my pace at the top of the hill and when I heard someone catching up with me I was able to increase my pace again.

My split times
1st 10.09
2nd 10.28
3rd 10.44

Parkrun result 157th out of 219 runners, a new PB of 32.40

10 Mile Race Training Week 2


The week starts with a 45 minute run, my instructions for today’s run were 14 minutes running a steady pace and walking for 1 minute.

My legs where a bit heavy for the first mile but eased off as I got into my stride. The strong cold wind took some of the fun out of today’s run, the total distance covered was 3.7 miles.

My split times: –
1st 11.6
2nd 12.35
3rd 12.26


Today’s run was a tempo run, it was slightly different from tempo runs I had done before, my instructions were to run at a moderate pace for 10 minutes and recover at a jog for 3 minutes and repeat this giving me a running time of 26 minutes.

I enjoyed running at the faster pace and noticed that my legs did not feel as heavy as they do when I am running at endurance pace, I would like to be able to run at that pace all the time.

The weather was better for running today, I have been really lucky with the weather since started running, there has not been a day when I have looked out and thought I am not running in that.

Total distance ran today 2.4 miles.

My split times: –
1st 10.07
2nd 10.50


No running today instead it was a 20 minute strength and conditioning, I had never heard of most of these exercises and when watching them on the video, I did not think they would be of any use but they got my heart rate up and a bit of a sweat going.

Here is a list of the exercises how many are you aware of, Caterpillar Walk, Cat Stretches, Scorpion, Prone Knee To Elbow, Squat, A-walk with hands above head, Monster Walk, Aleknas, Skip for 1 minute (without a rope) Squat Jumps and Skip again.


This has been the hardest session I have done so far, the task today was to run uphill for five minutes and repeat 3 times, as you can see from my split times I really attacked it the first time, by the time I got to the turnaround point I was breathing heavier than at any time during my training.

On the second attempt I kept my breathing at a manageable level, my pace on the third attempt felt good. I think I should have ran the other two at this pace but the instructions where to run uphill hard 3 times.

My split times: –
1st 9.44
2nd 11.59
3rd 11.39


Steady cardio day just a 20 minute bike ride at the gym plus abs and core exercises.


Parkrun, I had a good run today the first time up the hills I got behind a group they were running slowly and I was tempted to go past them, I decided to stay where I was and let them pace me up the hills and see if I managed the hills better on the third lap.

It worked because I still felt like I had a lot left and was able to pick up the pace on the run into the finish, unlike last week where I could hardly breath when I reached the top and it took me quite a long time to get my breath back but I still managed a sprint to the finish.

My split times: –
1st 10:37
2nd 11.07
3rd 10.55

Parkrun result new PB 33.48 came in 183 out 214 runners.

10 Mile Race Training Week 1


Today was more about time on my feet rather than distance. The total time for today was 60 minutes consisting of 10 minutes warm up then 40 minutes running and a 10 minute cool down.

During the run I was to run at a steady pace for 5 minutes and increase my speed for 20 seconds, the first mile of my run was all downhill so the sprints were easy, the second was mostly uphill I still found the sprints easy, about half a mile of the last mile was uphill although by this time my pace was greatly reduced I still found the sprints easy.

I finished the run in the local recreation ground, I will be doing tomorrows speed training in there and wanted to test it out.

I started with the cold over the weekend but felt well enough to run this morning, I was hoping to sweat it out, it did not affect my running but when cooling down I did not sound to good and I think it got my wife a little bit worried.

My split times: –
1st 10.28
2nd 12.04
3rd 12.07

You can tell when I was running downhill and uphill.


Today was speed training, I have done this on a treadmill for 20 minutes and found it quite easy, I thought today was going to be a 20 minute session but got a surprised last night when I saw it was a 40 minute session.

After the first 10 minutes I did not think I was going to be able to keep it up, I started out on the road but decided to go into the recreation ground as it is flat, I managed to keep it up but the recovery cycles were getting slower.

What I have been doing today was interval runs 2 minutes jog and 2 minutes running at a high pace.

My split times: –
1st 10.14
2nd 11.02
3rd 11.34


This is going to be short, today was strength training and it is done at home. I did not think the exercises were going to have much of an affect but I felt it in my legs afterwards, all in all it was a good work out.

A tempo run today, I got my breathing up to an 8 fairly quickly and maintained it for the duration of the run, I did start to flag a bit towards the end of the end, this was a 30 minute session 10 minute warm-up and cooldown with a 20 minute run in between.

My split times: –
1st 10.29
2nd 11.08


Was steady cardio I did 20 minutes on a bike then did press-ups and AB’s exercises.


Parkrun, I did not get the app up and running in time for the start and I think that had an effect on my time, I still feel I had a good run though. The third lap has always my worst I did the best I have done on the hills this time round.

My split times: –
1st 10.44
2nd 11.03
3rd 11.25