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Running In The Beginning

Back in February when I did my first Parkrun I thought I had bitten off more than I can chew, now with 2 races under my belt a 10k and 10 mile. I am enjoy running so much that I have missed not getting out during the recovery period from the 10 mile race.

I have registered to run in the Scottish half marathon in September and I am doing this to raise money for Edinburgh Children’s Hospital.

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Why Am I Supporting This Charity

I was admitted to hospital when I was 5 and diagnose as having Perthes Disease this is a rare childhood condition that affects the hips, it took 2 years for me to recover from this.

For most of those 2 years I was in bed with my legs strapped to splints, you can imagine what that was like for a 5 year old strapped to a bed not able to move.

I spent a short time in what was then known as the Sick Children’s Hospital and the rest of the time in a children’s convalescent home.

My training for the race starts on the 19th of June and the race takes place on the 24th of September, so I have a bit more time to prepare for this race, they asked for a predicted race time and I have put 2hr 15min we shall see.

I was 10 minutes out on my predicted time for the 10 mile race but I have more than 4 weeks to train for this one.

You Can Make Your Donation here: – Every Day Hero THANK YOU