Guitar Practise Thursday 19 Oct 17

This lesson has a great picking pattern and uses a simple chord progression along the neck of the guitar.

The whole thing is played on the middle 4 strings, and this lesson can be broken down into 3 sections starting at the 7th and 8th frets.

You then moves down to the 3rd and 2nd frets and then the 2nd and 1st frets before progress back up the neck and ending up back at the 7th and 8th fret.

The lick itself sounds really good and I am sure if I can master it I will be able to impress the family.

I was a bit pushed for time today and did not spend as much time on this as I would have liked, even so I managed to get 40 minutes practise in.

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Club Run Wednesday 18 Oct 17

I thought we were going to be doing speed training.

Instead we did 400m circuits, this was done in the town centre, it was once round the block and a short break, the run leader suggested that we should try for 7 circuits.

I followed a group round who seemed to be going at a nice pace, but I am sure they got faster each circuit.

I had not taken my phone with me so I could not record the session, but 1 of the people in the group said we did 8 circuits.

The total distance covered was 4 miles, and the total time it took was 40 minutes this was not including the breaks between circuits.

I really enjoyed it and felt like I could have done 1 more, I am not sure how the run back to the club would have gone though, it might have been a walk back.

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Guitar Lesson Wednesday 18 Oct 17

After the warm exercise I revisited yesterday’s lesson for a few minutes, I picked it up again quite quickly, now all I need to do is be able to play faster.

Today’s lesson was like an extended scale where you started playing the scale from the second string, and it was extended to use the low E string.

Then back down the scale and finishing on the high E.

The idea was to learn the scale and use it to play along with the backing track, so I did and it sounded terrible so this did not last long.

I am enjoying this training programme as it takes the guess work on what you should be doing on a given day.

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Guitar Lesson Tuesday 17 Oct 17

Did I say yesterday that I would be playing this week’s warm-up at 110 BPM, well I struggled to play it at 80 BPM today.

I tried to play it at 100 like yesterday but the beats on the metronome all seemed so much quicker, as it’s just a warm-up I gave 10 minutes and moved on to this week’s lick.

I like this week’s lick I found it very easy to remember and it sounds good, after a couple of runs through it I was able to play it without looking at the tab sheet.

Being able to play something without having to look at the music is something I really want to do, I just hope I can retain what I am learning, or better still be able to recall it when I want to.

The next step is being able to play along with the videos.

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Club Run Monday 16 Oct 17

I decided to go out with the next group up and see how it goes.

The outward part of the route was downhill, and I was going all right till we got to the uphill part of the route, this is where I started going backwards.

Part of the route had no lighting on it , if that was not bad enough it is used as a shortcut by a lot of drivers, and they drive like their on a race track.

I was not going to take my running jacket but I am glad I did, where it was sheltered it felt quite warm, but once you got out in the open the wind went straight through my jacket.

The distance covered was 5 miles, time 55.21, average pace 10.58
Split Times
1st 10.28
2nd 10.14
3rd 11.24
4th 11.36
5th 11.00

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Sports Trading Monday 16 Oct 17

I don’t know how many times I will be trading this week I have my mother coming to stay for a week and it would not be nice me sitting in front of my computer for a couple of hours a day while she is here.

It’s not really a problem as I am in bank building mode, I started this month with £41 in my bank and at one point I was down to £15, with all the mistakes I have made.

I have slowly built it back up to £47 and provided I don’t make ant stupid mistakes, I should be well on my way to £100 by the end of this month.

Just in case you are wondering how I am doing it, I set the software I use to liability and when I was at £15 I used a £10 liability and as my bank increased by £5 I have been increasing the liability amount by £5.

Yesterday I used the whole bank as my liability that’s how I managed to get my best day.

What did I say about stupid mistakes, I have had a very lucky escape, I was looking at a £1.30 loss, so I decided that as the race was over 1 mile I would do some in running trading to see if I could get it down.

Normally I reduce the liability as it gets a bit frantic in running and mistakes are easy made, I forgot to do this, and this is where the luck came in to it.

Before I could cancel it both entry and exit bids were taken and I ended up with a win of £7.

It all happened in the blink of an eye, and it could quite easily have been a loss of £40.

The gods smiled on me today.

Sport trading and Trading Horses

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Guitar Lesson Monday 16 Oct 17

Today’s warm-up lesson was a repeat of one earlier this month, and it should have been a speed test but as it was the first time I had seen it I did it at my own pace.

I started off with the metronome set at 60 BPM, even for me this was way to slow I found that 90 BPM was a nice tempo for me to do the warm-up exercise.

I managed to do the exercise at 100 BPM and tried 110 but that was way too fast, if I just did an up down strum on one string I was fine I could keep time, but it was when I tried to go through the exercise that things went wrong.

The exercise itself is very simple the first note was played with a down up motion, the second note you miss the down stroke and only play an up stroke, kind of like a pause.

It was the same for the third note followed with a down up on the forth not, and you move down a string and do it all again down to the high E string.

I will be starting all my guitar practise sessions with this for the rest of the week, so by Friday I hope I will be able to play at 110 or faster.

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Sports Trading Sunday 15 Oct 17

Today has been my best day trading the horses.

I wish I could say the same for my attempt at football trading, I backed both teams to score and the away team to win.

But don’t worry they where only small trades, the both teams to score would have covered my loss on the away team to win.

When first reading this you might be thinking that this sounds more like gambling.

The idea was for the away team to score an equaliser and cash out for a small profit, but the worst happened and the home team scored a second goal.

The only option was to stay with the both teams to score, which did not happen.

Anyway back to the horse trading, I did something I don’t normally do I placed my bid on the bet side of the ladder first.

The reason I normally do it the other way round is in case the horse falls, but having said I should have exited from my trade before the race starts.

I have had a bid in and the jockey was unseated at the start, and because I was on the lay side I got paid, if I had been on the bet side I would have lost out.

These things only happen if you let things go in running, a fault I am guilty of and the reason for most of my loses.

So now I keep an eye on the clock and tend not to trade as soon as the 20 second count down starts.

Sports trading

Sports trading

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Guitar Lesson Sunday 15 Oct 17

I went through this week’s lesson again and I did better than yesterday.

Today I spent most of the hour on Thursday’s lesson, it was quite a lengthy lesson and I did not really give it enough time on Thursday.

But I went through it a few times this morning and marked it as a favourite so that I can find it easily later.

I really don’t know how this training is going to go because of how it is structured, we do a new lesson Monday to Friday and there is nothing at the weekends, so that is why I am going back through each lesson.

I had to print off the tab for the Thursday lesson and I found it easier to follow, you could say it is in 3 parts and the instructor suggested breaking it down and going through each section.

The best thing about the having videos is you can keep running them over and over, what I did was not the times of each section so that I could just watch that part.

I would like to say I was able to play the whole thing from beginning to without an error, but I am afraid my nose would start to grow and it is big enough.

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Sports Trading Saturday 14 Oct 17

I got off to a good start today, and then the wheels fell off the trolley.

I had done a good trade on this race and decided to have a go at in running trading, big mistake I should have been happy with what I had.

My mentor says always put a lay bet on first just in case the horse falls, this horse had taken up the running at the start of the race.

And after putting my lay bet in the price went in the opposite direction, and I lost out, it was not all bad because I was using reduced stakes so I did not lose a lot.

There is another lesson to be learned here, and that is not to trade races under 1 mile as the price movements move very quickly.

And in shorter races the front runner has a better chance of winning, but this does not mean it always will.

Sports Trading

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